With our all-natural original airbrush solution, we can custom blend more then 25 different shades. Allow your SunnaTan to develop for 12-24 hours, and then gently shower the bronzer off your skin to reveal the natural glow.


Weddings and special events

From engagement photos to the stagette and the big day, let SunnaTan be your beauty secret for all your wedding occasions.

Bring your bridal party, friends and family along for the ride. We can come to your hotel room, bridal suite or house to take care of everyone’s spray tan. We’re happy to meet your individual needs.

Quickie SunnaTan

Our new Quickie SunnaTan solution allows you to shower 3-4 hours after your application. The Quickie is perfect for clients who have a same day event or for those who cannot wait a full 12 hours to shower.


Fitness Competitions

SunnaTan is the finishing touch for hardworking fitness models and competitors.

We’re proud to be the leading airbrush tanning choice for winning fitness models. With our exclusive rich, dark formula, we have extensive experience in tanning fitness models and athletes.