3350 hvlpTAN GLO™

3350 hvlpTAN GLO™


• Light and Compact! 
• hvlpTAN™Turbine - Only 4.2lbs
• Professional 10 ft Air Hose
• Quick connect
• TAN7350 Applicator with 250cc cup
• Bleeder Type (Continuous Air) 
• Extra Turbine Filter
• Modular Power Cord
• Instruction Manual
• 12 Month Warranty on Complete System

The hvlpTAN GLO™ system is ready to go anywhere, anytime. This compact all-in-one design caters to a variety of needs from the small business entrepreneur, tan technician on-the-go, or the home user. If you are looking for the best Spray Tanning System within an affordable budget, then look no further! The beautifully crafted TAN7350 applicator is built to last. The body of the applicator is all metal with stainless steel fluid components, adjustable spray pattern knob, and adjustable fluid control. The TAN7350 sports an ergonomic Stay Cool Handle™ that remains cool to the touch even when spraying for lengthy sessions. The applicator is built to continuously blow air even if the trigger is released. Easy to attach to the air hose with a quick connect fitting. The TAN7350 applicator together with its perfect balance and sleek design, make it without a doubt a leader in the spray tan world.

The TAN7350 Applicator is a Bleeder Type. It blows air continuously allowing you to blow dry your client.

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